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Ten Ways to Use Flour Sack Dish towels

In the Kitchen:

  1. Cover bread dough and baked goods to keep them warm while rising.

  2. Wrap and cover dinner rolls and bread to keep them warm at the table and contain crumbs.

  3. Spread towels out on the counter to drain produce after rinsing.

  4. Line your refrigerator drawer with a slightly damp towel to keep greens, lettuce, and salad items moist and fresh. Your produce won’t be harmed as it would be by plastic wrap, which can quickly cause deterioration.

  5. Dry dishes, wipe counters and general kitchen clean-up. Save our trees people by using fewer paper towels!!!

In the Garden:

  1. Line a peach basket with a towel for picking small or delicate produce such as beans, berries, and tomatoes. This keeps them from falling through the gaps and protects produce from the rough edges.

For First-Aid:

  1. Make a sling to support an injured arm. Simply fold the towel into a triangle, and tie the ends together. Your Car:

  2. They are perfect for your mirrors.

For Your Baby:

  1. When you run out of money or too lazy to go to Wal-Mart for pampers, use them as diapers as they were used years ago!! LOL

The Final Word: #10

  1. They are your daily, dish drying, super absorbent, lint-free flour sack towels.

Embriodered by Patrica Hunter Davis. Buy some now! 228-382-2132

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